I’ve been seeing a lot of rodent activity in my backyard this year. Before the cold months set in I decided to throw down a few of these traps to lighten the potential onslaught of furry houseguests. In just a week, I’ve caught 3 mice. We’re excited that these work and we’re determined to stick with it for the next month or two until we’re convinced we’ve widdled down the local population. As advertised the glue is extra strong and it won’t be letting your critters escape anytime soon. We’ve been lucky to catch a few of the spiders around the house too so we hope that will drive down that population as well. This is an excellent glue trap and we fully intend to purchase more.

  • STRONGLY ADHESIVE: Viscous force of the mice glue is strong, and the stuck mouse is not easy to escape, it is a good choice to replace your old mouse trap and rat poison.
  • ODOURLESS: Peanut butter scented glue, non-toxic, safety and healthy. It is the ideal rats appliance.
  • EASY TO USE: The mouse glue trap is ready to use, it has super hard importing paperboard, low profile of these glue boards allows for easy placement, lies flat or can be folded to protect from falling objects and dust.
  • SAFETY: TAGreat Mouse glue traps adopted Non-toxic formula, great for use in homes, restaurants, bars, offices, etc.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: This Mouse Glue Trap also great for trapping spiders, crickets, roaches and other insects. MORE PROMO INFO WILL BE FIND AS FOLLOW.
Best Mouse Rat and Insect Glue Traps
Best Mouse Rat and Insect Glue Traps


  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure and water for good effect.If the glue trap gets wet, dry it before usage.
  • Use gasoline and then cleansing agent to remove the glue form clothes or other articles in case of their contact with the adhesive.
  • For better effect in winter, heat it on heating pipe before usage.

These are pretty good, im used to buying the cheap white board ones from the dollar store or the awful plastic tray one that never work so im glad i was able to try these. As compared to other mouse traps these are a bit more expensive at $10 but they are pretty big and can be cut into smaller ones make up for the value.

The traps are a pretty nice size, have a small plastic tray that lets u put bait in the center of the trap and you can fold them into a tunnel to make it easier to trap mice in certain occasions. They also have slits on the cardboard that can make it easy to cut the cardboard to make them smaller or fold them into different trap shapes. The glue itself is very sticky and will easily prevent the mice from escaping as other glue traps do. I was lucky to receive mine for free so that i could test them and give an honest unbiased review and so far they work great.

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