1. Make fruit fly spray.

Fill a fine misting spray bottle with 70% rubbing alcohol. Spray it on the hovering fruit flies. They’ll fall to the floor and you can sweep them up and dispose of them. You can also spray 91% rubbing alcohol in the air and to saturate any eggs. This stronger alcohol kills them immediately and serves as a very effective disinfectant. The stronger alcohol option can cost as much as .50-$1.00 more per container. It is much more powerful than traditional 70% rubbing alcohol . One should take precautionary measures such as ventilating the area and wearing gloves. 91% rubbing alcohol is far less poisonous, caustic, or dangerous than an insecticide or pesticide.

  • Windex is another instant killer of most small bugs. If you find a patch of fruit flies in an area you are willing to get wet, give them a few quick sprays of Windex and watch them suffer.
  • Another spray method is to use Clorox cleaning spray. Wipe down surfaces and dead flies afterwards. However, you’ll need to ventilate the room you’re spraying because the smell can be somewhat overwhelming; not recommended if you’re worried about toxic indoor air or you’re spraying near food preparation surfaces.
  • You can even use a fine mist bottle to spray mobs of flies with plain water; they will drop to the surface below. Because their wings are damp, they will be momentarily unable to fly, so you can easily squash them and clean them up.


2. Use pyrethrin spray.

Pyrethrin is an insecticide that effectively kills adult fruit flies, but not their eggs. Be sure to use it according to the instructions. Avoid directly spraying it over fruit or in food preparation areas.

  • This product comes in an aerosol can that can be used to spray fruit flies as you see them. It kills them on contact.
  • You can buy an automatic pyrethrin dispenser to deal with high volumes of fruit flies in one area.


3. Treat your drain with gel.

There are several drain gels on the market that are formulated to fruit flies and eggs infesting kitchen drains. If boiling water and soap don’t do the trick, consider trying a gel. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for treating your drain. You may have to repeat more than once to completely get rid of the flies.


4. Try a professional-grade treatment.

If you have a fruit fly infestation that you can’t get under control, you can have your home treated with a residual insecticide that you spray where fruit flies tend to land and congregate. If you properly store produce and keep your kitchen clean, this measure is not usually necessary. Call a pest control company for further information if you want to have your home sprayed for fruit flies.

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