1. Start by getting a large or medium bowl.

Although not quite as effective as the paper funnel method, this method utilizes the same approach: lure the fruit flies into the trap with a small opening and make it hard for them to exit.


2. Add sweet bait to the bottom of a medium or large bowl.

The type of bait doesn’t matter as much as the quantity; you probably want at least an inch of sweet liquid covering the bottom of the bowl. Here are some suggestions for sweet concoctions that work well as bait:

  • Put a piece of old, skinless fruit, such as an orange or a banana, along with some balsamic vinegar in a bowl.
  • Experiment with a mix of white wine and coriander seeds. This mixture seems to work well. Add a bit of white wine vinegar to make the concoction even more pungent.
  • A mix of honey, sugar, and balsamic vinegar also works in a pinch.


3. Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap.

Use a large sheet of plastic wrap to completely cover the bowl. Try to get the plastic wrap as taught as possible.


4. Poke numerous small holes in the plastic with a fork or another implement.

Try to keep the holes as small as possible; large holes can let the flies escape back out again. The point is to lure the fruit flies into the bowl and make it extremely hard to get back out.

  • If using a fork makes the holes in the plastic wrap too big, try switching to a sharp toothpick in order to prick small holes in the plastic wrap.


5. Set the trap in a fruit fly-infested area and leave the trap out overnight.

Come the next day, you should see fruit flies caught inside the plastic wrap, happily feasting on the bait. If you haven’t managed to trap any flies, check to make sure the holes in your plastic wrap aren’t too big.


6. Dispose of the trapped fruit flies.

It’s probably best to take the trap outside before killing the fruit flies so that any escapees don’t reinfest your kitchen. Take off the plastic wrap and kill the fruit flies inside by pouring a mixture of warm water and dish soap into the container. The soap works to reduce the surface tension of the water and cause the flies to drown. Wait a minute or two, then discard the contents of the jar.

  • When you’re finished flushing the fruit flies, rinse the jar with hot water and reuse it to make a new trap.

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