Using mouse traps is the most common way apartment dwellers get rid of mice, but there are different types of mouse traps to choose from. Which type of mouse trap is the best one to buy? If there were one right answer, there probably would be only one type of trap on the market.

Mouse traps vary based on several factors, such as how they work, how much they cost, and how humane they are.

Read about each major type of mouse trap available, and then make your own decision:

Snap Traps

Plastic Mouse Snap Traps

A snap trap is the traditional type of trap that has been around for over a century. When a mouse takes the bait, a metal bar gets triggered and kills the mouse.

Electronic Traps

Newer and pricier, an electronic trap kills mice by zapping them with a lethal voltage.

Live Traps

Live Animal Two-Door Mouse Cage Trap

The most humane type of trap, a live trap doesn’t kill mice but catches them so you can release them outdoors.

Glue Traps

Mouse Glue Traps
Mouse Glue Traps

Mice get stuck when they come in contact with a glue trap, which is considered the least humane of the bunch.