Finding fruit flies can be a difficult task especially because they are so small. With the right pointers, you will have fruit flies in a jar in no time!

Method 1 Capture Fruit Flies


1. Put scraps of old fruit/vegetables in a large jar. No meat or dairy.


2. Set the jar near a trash can or near a compost pile (without the lid, but make sure you’ve got one that fits tightly).


3. Leave the jar there for several hours. Check on it every few hours. There should be a swarm of fruit flies in 3 hours or so.


4. When you’ve got a lot of fruit flies in the jar, you’ll have to work quickly. First, snap a lid on the jar, and then turn it upright. You can then follow the directions below to culture them, or feed them right away to your pet.

Method 2 Buying Fruit Flies


1. When buying fruit flies, choose the type of fruit fly you want, online. They come in several sizes and wingless and flightless as well. Flightless is a better choice than wingless, as wingless can revert back to the flying.


2. When buying them, get an extra order of fruit fly media (food), bedding and culture cups.


3. When the box comes, remove the contents. You shouldn’t have to worry about escapees, because the company will have secured them.


4. If they are in small vials, put them in a freezer for a couple seconds, no more than ten, to slow them down a little, then pour them into a culture cup. They breed in the vials, but it’s not recommended: they will over-crowed and die.


5. Pour the fly food into a culture cup, adding the amount of water the package instructs you to. Fill the cup up 1/4 full, maybe a little more, and this lasts about a month or so. If you use “Organix” remember to add the mold inhibitor.


6. After assembling your culture cup, add the flies you bought/caught.

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