This one is a very simple trap and has worked for many people. So, for this all you need is:

  • An empty coke bottle.
  • A sharp knife or a pair of scissors to cut the bottle.
  • A drill or any other sharp object to draw some holes.
  • Cellophane tape.
  • 50-100 gram rotten meat.

To make this trap, take the coke bottle and cut it with the knife as shown in the following picture.


Next, drill a 1 cm hole in the bottle cap as shown.


After this, put the rotten meat pieces with some water in the lower part of the bottle. And fix the upper part upside down as shown.


Fix the edges properly with cellophane tape. Hang these traps near the infested area (away from your cattle). The smell of rotten meat will attract the horse flies and they will try to enter the bottle. And once they enter the bottle it will be difficult for them to escape.

Note: Instead of water, some people suggest that it’s better to add Cow urine (aged for at least 1 week) to the trap as doing this increases the efficiency of the trap.

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