As I have already told that, horse flies get attracted to dark moving objects, now we are going to use the same fact against them and make a trap that can attract horse flies to kill them.

Using a homemade Fly Trap against Horse Flies
Using a homemade Fly Trap against Horse Flies

To make this trap we need following items:

  • A tough string.
  • A dark coloured medium sized ball.
  • A fly paper (commercial or homemade).
  • A stool.

To make the trap, attach the dark colored ball to the string and tie the open end of this string to the bottom of the stool. Next, wrap the fly paper over the legs of the stool. After this, hang the stool in the area where you have horse fly infestation.

Every few hours, just push the ball so that the ball starts swinging in air. The swinging motion of the dark colored ball will attract the horse flies. When they come near the trap, they try to land on it and get stuck on the fly paper.

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