Manning trap works on the same principal i.e. attracting the flies by a dark moving object and then trapping them in a container. A typical manning trap looks like the one shown below.


Note: Please note that there are many different ways to construct a manning trap and I have shown the simplest one here. Even horse pal traps and H –Traps are also modified forms of a manning trap.

To make a manning trap you would need:

  • A tripod stand or some wood to make your own stand.
  • A plastic sheet or cloth.
  • A black coloured ball.
  • Small Funnel.
  • A string.
  • A bottle.

First of all, make a 5 feet tripod stand if you don’t have one. Next, draw a 3 – 5 cm hole into the top of the tripod and attach the funnel over it. After this connect the bottle to this as shown in the above image. If needed you can use cellophane tape to attach the bottle over the funnel, but make sure it is well attached with the funnel.

Connect the dark coloured ball to the string and tie the open end of this string to the bottom of the tripod, so that it hangs at least 2 feet above the tripod legs. Cover the top 3 feet of the stand with the plastic sheet or cloth.

After this keep the trap near the infested area and you will soon see the bottle filled with dead horseflies.

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