Horse fly bites are very painful. Following is a list of symptoms that can tell you if a wound is a horsefly bite or not:

  • A horsefly bite causes thick red coloured skin.
  • Pain with skin itch.
  • Signs of bacterial infections.
  • Sometimes skin continues to stay red and swollen for several days.
  • Some people may experience a body rash, may break out in hives, or develop wheezing.
  • Some people may also experience swelling around the eyes and lips.

Treating a horsefly bite is quite important. To treat a bite follow the below steps:

How to Treat a Horse Fly Bite
How to Treat a Horse Fly Bite

Disinfect the area: First of all disinfect the area by washing it thoroughly with soap and water. You could also use a alcohol or vinegar based disinfectant.

If you are outside and cannot disinfect the area at that time then cover the wound with saliva. Saliva contains Histatin protein that has healing abilities which will allow you to heal the bite till you can get indoors and treat it properly.

Cool the Area: Cooling the area with icepack or a wet cold washcloth, helps in reducing the pain.

Anti-Allergens: If the itch is getting unbearable then you could apply a hydrocortisone cream over the wound. But consult your doctor first.

Keep an eye on the Wound: Keep an eye on the wound as there is a chance that it may develop bacterial infection. And if that happens immediately visit a doctor.

So, that was it. Feel free to post any queries related to the topic in the comments section. Also I would love to know if you have any other secret methods to eliminate horse flies.

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