Umbrella trap is proven to be very effective against horse flies. To make this you will need following items:

  • 4 pieces of plastic sheeting or plastic screening 5 feet long 4 feet wide.
  • A stapler or glue.
  • A 5 or 6 feet long pole.
  • A plastic jar.
  • A black plastic or rubber ball 16 to 20 inches in diameter.

To make this trap – join, stitch, or staple the 4 pieces of plastic sheeting to form a pyramid shape as shown in the below image.

Umbrella Type Horse Fly Trap

The size of the pyramid should be about 4 feet high and 3 feet wide along each of the four bases. Next, a ring should be attached to each lower corner to attach guy lines that hold the trap up.

After this, connect the 6 feet pole at the centre of the pyramid. Connect the ball to this pole with a 5 feet long string. Make sure when the trap is fully erect the ball should hang just below the plastic sheets.

Umbrella Type Horse Fly Trap-2

At the apex of the pyramid, cut a small hole and staple or stitch a 5 inch cardboard plate. Fasten the jar lid upside down and draw a 2 inch hole into the lid and the cardboard plate. Next, glue a plastic cone inside the lid and connect the jar. This jar will be used to capture the flies.

Umbrella Type Horse Fly Trap-3

To install the trap, insert some part of the centre pole into the ground to make it erect, so that it can hold the canopy off the ground. After this tie the guy lines with some supporting sticks so that they can hold the canopy like tent ropes. And the trap is ready to catch horseflies.

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