Cures for sandfly bites consist of one proven treatment and can take up to 10 days to effectively treat the bite before it turns into something worse, Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. This infection can leave you with large, crater-like wounds on your skin that can result in large scars. Therefore, prevention is the best form of treatment whenever possible.

Cures for Sandfly Bites

Sandflies are tiny insects that can do much more damage than most people realize. In places like India and the Philippines, sandflies can cause an infection called Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, in which a lesion forms on the skin from a bite. These lesions occur underneath the scabs of the bites and destroy the affected tissue. Treating the infections immediately is important, but preventing them altogether should be the goal.

Sandfly bites can be prevented by using an insect repellent with a 90 percent to 100 percent concentration of DEET. Try mixing the repellent with sunblock or coconut oil to allow for a longer lasting effect.


Sandly bites need to be treated immediately to counteract the bacteria, or venom, that has just been deposited underneath the skin. Mixing one part hydrogen peroxide with one part betadine solution and dissolve the scab that has formed. This will reveal the wound underneath that also needs to be cleaned with this solution, after which antibacterial ointment must be applied. Continue to do this for a week after every shower.


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